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BMGroup - Wales #1

Event  Sales & Promotions company 

BMGroup is a National, Sales and Marketing company that specialise in Events to provide Sales & Promotion channels to boost profitability and brand awareness for our clients.

We are continually growing year on year with big plans of expansion, as a brand.

Our people are the foundation of BMGroup's development and success and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Our services

What we do

We are providers of outsourced Event Sales & Promotions for Fortune 500+ clients.

BMGroup specialises in Promotional Events.

We have achieved most of our results through Private Site Events, In-store promotions and Ideal homes exhibitions and general places where our team can interact with a wide range of potential customers.

We are excited to announce that the current climate has allowed us to open additional channels! Our client services now include B2B and telesales.

Our clients

As an outsourced company, this means BMGroup will work with many types of clients specialising in the telecoms, energy and non-profit industries. 

This allows BMGroup to be highly

sought after in today's economy.

Our clients work with us for

3 main reasons:

1. We provide long term customers helping our clients attrition rate. 

2. We increase brand awareness.

3. We provide customer acquisition.

Our commitment to diversity and equality

Here at BMGroup, we believe in diversity and equality, which we feel is so important in modern society. Our commitment to helping our workforce is to have undergone a diversity and equality training course for the team, which was presented over three days to every member of the company.

We believe that working together will make us a greater team and a greater place for our team to excel in their careers.

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I currently work at the company, and 

I have just been taken to The Shard London. Honestly, 5 weeks ago I was working in Tesco and a General Manager of the Warehouse department! This is a 5* company can't speak highly enough!


In three short months, I have developed my overall marketing skills thanks to the initial training and the team's support. I also never miss a chance to travel, network and connect with the best people in our industry. It's a fun and motivating environment.


The training is world-class and sometimes quite intense. The feedback from the managers is genuine and useful. There was a lot to learn and high targets to reach. The team proved to be amazing, really supportive. I’m confident I can progress fast within the team.


There’s nothing more important in a company than feeling the impact you have on the workplace. You can see your results affect your growth and the development of those around you. Being recognised as a valuable member of the team has no price.

Careers at BMGroup

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Monday - Friday

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