BMG apply Olympic Game Strategy

BMG, a Cardiff-based marketing, and sales firm discuss a new strategy in training and development used in professional sport including Olympic level athletes: video learning.

Using video for training and education has become increasingly popular over the last five years, and has proven to be a lifeline for many during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Research has shown that people learn best with a combination of both visual and audio stimulation, thus video, as opposed to reading or lecture-style learning has proven to be more effective for human memory (Access Science, McGraw Hill). BMG reveals the technique is used in many industries, but perhaps the most commonly known is within sports. Professional athletes and sports teams watch videos of their own, as well as competitor's performances, to review best practices and yield fresh strategies. With the Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo this year and hype already in the media, BMG has been quick to apply video learning to its strategy.

BMG has implemented video into many aspects of their business practices with one purpose in mind – to improve quality customer acquisitions. Luke Walker, Managing Director of BMG says "We are always looking for new tools that can aid our performance as a business. We have taken a lot from sport over the years, I believe the mentality required to be successful in a sporting career is the same that is required in direct marketing and sales. Both industries are competitive in attaining results, always wanting a ‘win’. Utilising video is proving to be very helpful in this. Primarily, it has enabled us to effectively manage our unique selling point, our face-to-face approach, with the goal to improve the customer experience."

BMG Managing Director, Mr. Walker continues "Olympic athletes use video software for movement analysis to prepare for their performance in the games; we use it in the exact same way to see what our ‘practice’ run looks like before we stand in front of a customer with a presentation."

BMG, Cardiff based marketing, and sales firm plans to develop the use of video to advance its business and is pleased to announce full functionality is now in place.