BMG: Sales is a great first step on the career ladder

As the graduating class of 2021 make the transition from education into the working world, BMG declares that sales is a great first step on the career ladder. 

A report recently released from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) showed the impact the pandemic has had on graduate employment opportunities. One in eight recent UK graduates are unemployed, and employment among recent graduates has almost doubled to 12%.  BMG is fortunate to operate in an industry that is pandemic proof. The outsourced sales and marketing experts deliver one thing that companies never stop needing…….customers! 

Award-winning entrepreneur and owner at BMG, Luke Walker has revealed that he considers sales to be a significant first step on the career ladder. Cardiff based BMG considers sales to be one of the most important and sought after skills in the world. They believe that sales is woven into the fabric of society.

BMG specialises in delivering experiential marketing campaigns that utilise the human element. The firm considers its personalised approach to be the key to its success. They have experience adding graduates to their talent pool and now in graduate season, Mr Walker believes that graduates should consider entering the world of sales for their first job.

A 2018 study presented by Frank Germann, assistant professor at Mendoza College of Business, found that over 25% of CEOs came from a marketing or sales background. Mr Walker has revealed the three key reasons for people to enter the sales field.

The world revolves around Sales

BMG believes that the ability to sell is the cornerstone of success in any profession. The outsourced sales and marketing specialists argue that there is an element of sales in everything. “It might not be directly selling a product, but during an interview, you’re selling yourself. If you’re an entrepreneur with a business idea, you’re selling that proposal to investors. Sales is everywhere, be it directly or indirectly,” commented Mr Walker.


Working in sales often exposes people to new situations that expand their comfort zones. Working in sales, people have to strike up conversations with strangers and turn them into customers. BMG considers the ability to speak to anyone as a great confidence builder. Closing deals is a great way to build that confidence. 


The art of selling relies on effective communication. Mr Walker believes that a career in sales exposes someone to different types of people, learning how to adapt and tailor their pitch to communicate effectively and make the deal. Working in sales allows someone to continually practice and get better at speaking and connecting to people. Being an effective communicator is a trait of great leaders, and that is one of the great things that sales teaches.

BMG offers ambitious graduates the foundations for a successful business career. The outsourced sales and marketing experts are committed to providing a culture where education and development are at the forefront. They believe that knowledge is power and they have a supportive and nurturing working environment where they provide ongoing training via client and in-house workshops, one on one coaching and mentoring sessions, seminars and tutorials and the chance to attend industry conferences and networking events.  

Managing Director at BMG, Luke Walker believes the industry teaches many valuable life skills and he/she is urging graduates to consider sales as a first job.