BMGroup CEO Talks "How to Effectively Promote your Business" at Industry Conference

Earlier this month, CEO at BMGroup, Luke Walker, was invited to be a guest speaker at an industry conference held in London. The award-winning entrepreneur was delighted to be able to add to his public speaking calendar, addressing attendees on a subject he is passionate about; “How to effectively promote your business”. 

Mr. Walker is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with aspiring professionals in the industry, helping them progress. The conference was held at the Hilton London Metropole, with entrepreneurs, business owners and aspiring professionals from all across the country descending on the Capital for the invite-only event.

The conference was attended by individuals at different stages in their sales and marketing career. Attendees were divided into two groups based on their level and time in the industry. Guest speakers were booked to deliver tailored speeches designed to resonate with and provide relative information to the group, helping them progress their business development.  

Mr. Walker was selected to speak to the group of individuals at an advanced stage in their journey. The BMGroup CEO has been running his own business since the age of 24. In the nine years since, the business owner has learned the importance of effectively promoting his business to attract new clients and talented individuals to join their talent pool.

"When you think of certain people, you think of the brands associated with them;

Steve Jobs - Apple, Bill Gates - Microsoft, Jeff Bezos - Amazon, and Elon Musk - Tesla.

The point of that message is that you are your brand. You are the face of your company and a walking, talking advertisement. You are the philosopher of your business,” commented Mr. Walker.

After the initial introduction, the BMGroup CEO addressed the room, asking if anyone knew the meaning of philosophy? 

“(Philio) means to pursue or the attraction or movement towards something. The Greek word (Sophia) means – one thing only. Therefore, philosophy means the pursuit of one thing only, knowledge.”

Throughout the speech, the award-winning business owner shared a multitude of information with the highly engaged audience. Speaking after the event, Mr. Walker stated: “It was a great feeling to be back on stage, talking about subjects close to my heart. One of my biggest passions is being able to share the knowledge I have acquired and use my experiences to help others achieve their goals and reach their potential.”

The ambitious entrepreneur hopes to add more speaking engagements to his calendar in 2022.

Date Published: 28th March 2022