BMGroup Discuss Research Showing 37% of Employees are Motivated by Recognition

Since its inception, Cardiff-based event sales and promotions company BMGroup has implemented a recognition and reward culture. The customer acquisition experts believe it to be a key component of motivation. They were delighted by a recent report showing 37% of employees were motivated by recognition over any other driver.

Great Place to Work-Certified™ company O.C. Tanner studied employee engagement and how managers can tailor workplaces to promote it. The company provided employees with a survey that posed the question: 

"What is the most important thing that your manager or company currently does that would cause you to produce great work?"

Nine different response types were given, with recognition the clear frontrunner with 37%. Great Place to Work analysed 1.7 million employee survey responses gathered between 2018 and 2020 across small, mid-sized and large companies. The results showed that recognition made employees feel that promotions were fair and spurred innovation and extra effort.  

CEO at BMGroup Luke Walker has instilled a recognition and reward culture at BMGroup. The award-winning entrepreneur believes that a culture of recognition has played an integral role in the firm’s business success. The business owner has revealed the three advantages of implementing a culture of recognition.  


Mr. Walker argues that when people are recognised for their efforts, they feel good about what they do and that simultaneously leads to improved happiness levels. The event sales and promotions experts believe that happiness and success are linked, and for that reason, they are committed to creating a fun, friendly, and rewarding culture.


Economists at the University of Warwick conducted a study in 2021 which found that happiness makes people 12% more productive at work. Also, the study found that unhappy workers were 10% less productive than their happy colleagues. Mr. Walker continuously monitors productivity levels, and the business owner believes that there has been a direct correlation with productivity levels when incentives are provided and people are recognised and rewarded for their hard work.


Being able to retain top talent is one of the most significant challenges businesses face. BMGroup believes that people who feel appreciated are more likely to remain loyal to a company. The event sales and promotions company believe that its recognition and reward culture has played a pivotal role in its ability to both attract and retain top talent.

BMGroup is a National Sales and Marketing company that specialises in Events to provide Sales & Promotion channels to boost profitability and brand awareness for their clients. They are a company dedicated to creating an environment where people feel recognised and are rewarded adequately for their work.  

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Date Published: 31st May 2022