BMGroup Pro

BMGroup Pro is for top talent in the sales and marketing industry wanting to fast track in their career.

We have set up a fast track to management program to develop our top talent into senior positions as quick and effectively as possible.

The difference between BMGroup Pro and our regular Management program is our Pro program is designed to fast track our top talent to run an office working with our major clients in under 6 months. 

This will involve: 

- 1 on 1 Mentorship with the CEO

- A world class network circle for the indivdual to help build the knowledge from industry experts

- Regular travelling opportunities

- Intense coaching at a high level

If you're someone who feels they have the following traits we would like to hear from you: 

- Ambitious 

- Hard working 

- Not afraid of long hours 

- Wants high rewards and willing to put in the work

- Wants a successful career

- Wants to be dealing with fortune 500+ companies

- Has a great track record in time management and Leadership

Our recruitment team are looking for an individual who can fulfil the above.

If you feel that you may not fit the above criteria we have plenty of oportunity for talent in our other divisions. BMGroup Pro is for the ambitious talented individual who would like to be coached closely by the CEO or management team to help fast track our future Managers.


Working together to create better:

"One of my favourite parts of business is personal development, in the world we live in there are so many so called 'Experts' our goal is to match the top talent with the very best of our industry and work side by side daily to help teach what we know best. With 10 years experience of working with some of the largest companies in the UK. We have opened offices in multiple cities and we are looking to become one of the fastest growing Sales and Marketing companies in the UK over the next few years."

"We believe our training opportunies are unparalleled to anything else in the sector today."

CEO - BMGroup Luke Walker