Company culture

"Culture can be the most important part of a companies success."            Luke Walker, CEO

Check out some of the photos below to see our team in action.

Team nights


5-a-side Thursday's 

We believe creating culture inside and outside the office is important. 

We play 5-a-side on a Thursday night for anyone that is interested in team-building sports after office hours. 

The benefits of a strong company culture:

  1. Improved Performance    When employees have a good grasp of their company culture, they’re more likely to work harder.
  2. Boosted staff morale             Much like performance, as a good company culture develops, so does morale.
  3. Improved retention         When employees are happy in their role and feel listened to, they are less likely to leave a company.
  4. Improved financials          With increased employee productivity, morale and retention come sustained financial benefits.