With serveral years worth of experience in Event Marketing, BMGroup are leading the way to acquiring long term customers for our clients: 

What are the opening hours?

Mon - Fri (08:00 - (18-30)

Sat - (09:00 - 18:00)

What training will I receive? 

Training is a high priority of ours at BMGroup, we choose to do all of our training in house allowing us to give high quality training for our team.

What is the company culture like? 

Ambitious, Fun, Progressive. Culture is such a key part to the companies success over the years. From travel, and team nights, to learning and achieving, these key areas make up the company culture.

How can I apply?

Apply through our website and careers page, or one of our adverts on any of the major job boards! 

I have little experience in this field? 

At BMGroup we look for attributes in a potential candidate, we tend not to look to much into experience.

You can find many diamonds, some people just need time and education, though experience does help.

We tend too look for an indivdual that has a great work ethic, a positive attitude towards work and their team, and do they have a hunger to improve.

Skills can be taught!

What types of people work at the company?

We pride ourselves in having a diverse group of indivudals from all walks of life. 

Generally our teams are competitive, driven, and ambitious and know how to have a good time. 

We are looking for "go getters" and people who can help the company grow with our rapid expansion plans!