BMGroup: Six reasons why hospitality workers are set for success with a career in sales

Cardiff-based event marketing firm BMGroup is currently expanding its talent pool, and it is looking for individuals from a hospitality background.

While the link might not seem obvious, the sales and marketing firm has released a statement explaining six reasons why it is seeking individuals from a hospitality background.

BMGroup has a diverse workforce and has found that individuals from a hospitality background possess many of the necessary skills to excel in a sales role.

1. Experience dealing with customers face to face

BMGroup exclusively delivers marketing campaigns through face to face channels. The Cardiff-based firm believes it is this approach that allows it to stand out in a competitive market and consistently exceed client targets. Individuals from a hospitality background are experienced in dealing with customers face to face, and are confident and comfortable interacting with customers. BMGroup believes that utilising the human element to deliver marketing solutions with a smile is the secret to its success and that individuals from a hospitality background possess one of the key attributes to excel at the company.

2. A positive, can-do attitude

Sometimes, having to deal with difficult or demanding customers, those from a hospitality background have developed a positive, can-do attitude with the ability to remain calm under pressure and resolve any customer concerns, which is one of the key soft skills that BMGroup looks for.

"I firmly believe that with a positive, can-do attitude, anything is possible. Those with a glass-half- full mentality possess the ability to find solutions to problems to get the job done," commented Luke Walker, CEO at BMGroup.

3. Resilience

Working in hospitality can often involve high stress levels, and the need to multi-task, juggling lost of jobs at once. It is because of this that hospitality staff develop a thick skin and resilience with the ability to remain calm and optimistic to continue to deliver high levels of customer service.

4. Communication skill

Hospitality staff learn how to communicate effectively through speech, writing and body language as it is essential to achieve good customer service. Working in the hospitality sector, it is important that communication is positive, constructive and enables the team to work together efficiently. Communication skills are one of the top attributes that BMGroup looks for. The event marketing specialists look for people who can effectively communicate with stakeholders at all levels.

5. The ability to work as part of a team

At BMGroup, being able to work as part of a team is imperative. While it is important that individuals can work effectively autonomously, being able to come together to share ideas, motivate each other, and work towards a common goal is vital! Those from a hospitality background often have experience working as part of a team.

6. A strong work ethic

Hospitality workers are often required to work long hours and split shifts. That work ethic is one of the most sought-after skills at BMGroup. Rather than clock watchers, the event marketing experts look to attract individuals who possess a solid work ethic and are committed to putting in the time and effort required to get the job done.

BMG is a national sales and marketing company that specialises in events to provide sales channels to boost profitability and brand awareness for its clients. It is continually growing year on year with big expansion plans. It is looking to attract individuals from a hospitality background who are excited to take on a new challenge and work with a company where they can utilise the skills they have developed in a hospitality setting and earn the opportunity to learn, grow and develop.

If you are looking to get your career in sales off to a great start, contact BMGroup for details on its current openings.