"Spend time with the right people to achieve success," proclaims Luke Walker, CEO of BMGroup

CEO at BMGroup, Luke Walker, argues that spending time with the right people accelerates success. The business owner is urging aspiring professionals to grow their network to achieve success.  

Award-winning business owner Luke Walker credits much of his success to the network he has built. The passionate business coach and mentor urges aspiring professionals to focus on spending time with the right people to achieve success.

Growing up, Mr. Walker was an avid sports fan, playing football at a high level for many years. The BMGroup CEO is also a qualified personal trainer, taking the course while playing football. After qualifying as a Personal Trainer, Mr. Walker ran a gym for two years. The ambitious entrepreneur decided he wanted to open his own gym and spent 18 months trying to make that dream a reality.

"I was close to making the business work, but there was just something missing. That's when it came to me. Maybe I need to get some sales and marketing experience, and that's how I got into the sales and marketing industry," commented Mr. Walker.  

As a rookie in the industry, Mr. Walker quickly learned that if he wanted to become a top performer, he had to spend time with the best people, learning from them and copying what they did. The business owner started to spend every spare moment with his business coaches and top performers in the business, absorbing as much information as possible and applying it to become a top performer. This discipline and thirst for knowledge led to Mr. Walker opening his own business in April 2014.

"My advice for anyone starting in a new industry is to spend time with the right people. I firmly believe that you become who you surround yourself with. If you carefully select your network, it will help you grow personally and professionally," continued Mr. Walker.  

At BMGroup, they urge their workforce to make networking a priority. The sales specialists recently attended an industry Awards Gala in London, where they had the opportunity to connect with some of the most successful people in the industry. Mr. Walker urges aspiring professionals to capitalise on any networking opportunity and spend time with the right people if they want to succeed.

date published: 6.07.2022